Rebecca Sandelin

My work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions since 2012, including: 

A Train That Will Take You Away, 2012 - Exhibiting Artist

Art Café Serendipity, Karis, Finland

Garden of Minds, 2012 - Exhibiting and Collaborating Artist

Galleri Zebra, Karis, Finland

Kuukauden Nuori Taitelija, Där jag gått, det jag sett - Exhibiting Artist

Gumbostrand Konst & Form, Sipoo, Finland

Där jag gått, det jag sett - del 1 & del 2, 2014 - Exhibiting Artist

Informationscentrum Luckan, Helsinki, Finland

Media Medicum, 2015 - Exhibiting Artist, Curator & Invigilator

Gallery Seventeen, Edinburgh, Scotland 

Nuorten Taitelijoiden Kesänäyttely, 2015 - Exhibiting Artist

Galleria Uusitalo, Inkoo, Suomi

Edinburgh Napier University Degree Show, 2016 - Exhibiting Artist & Invigilator

ENU Merchiston Campus, Edinburgh, Scotland

Futureproof 2016, 2016 - Exhibiting Artist

Streetlevel Photosworks Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland

Virtual Lands included in Future Late installation, 2016

Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London, England

Virtual Lands currently held at the Photography Department at Edinburgh Napier University, Merchiston Campus

I’m a sharp-eyed and enthusiastic visualist and since high school I have strived towards creating a career as a photographer, visual artist and a scholar in photography and visual culture. Safe to say, I do not believe in limiting myself from exploring various avenues relating to the photographic medium. Instead, I am eager to learn more about different techniques, genres and developments I can use in my work and study. I often have new ideas for exciting projects and photographs stirring in my head that I would like to create either for myself or for others. I am always open for a new challenge since I believe in learning the hard way.

Alongside the photographic medium, I am also interested in and inspired by history, culture, the arts, architecture and interior design, music, literature (mostly fantasy and science-fiction), cinema and fashion. I try to be diplomatic and flexible but I can also be stubborn and honest, perhaps even overly outspoken. I am an introvert at heart and I am as  comfortable working independently and as I am as part of a larger team. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity and that by working together we can create photographs and visual that works best in their intended use and context. I believe that every project I undertake is unique and requires a bespoke, artisan approach towards the conceptualisation, execution and presentation of the work. 

I dedicate my life’s work to exploring the art and craft of photography, its technologies and techniques, science and chemistry, its histories and theories, critical and scholarly debates and the countless creative processes and cultural practices relating to the medium across a variety of disciplinary and genre boundaries. 

My name is Rebecca Sandelin and I have had an exuberant enthusiasm and persistent passion for all things photographic ever since I took a snapshot with my small digital pocket camera as a pre-teen. Throughout the years, I have spent my time off from school processing photos in Photoshop, countless hours in the dark comfort of the darkroom and read as much as I can on the histories and critical debates on photography. 

In my work I strive to put histories and theories to practical use by working across disciplinary boundaries to explore a variety of subject matters and genres, including but not limited to conceptual portraiture, fashion, still lives, land photography and landscapes. My long-term artistic research project explores the intersection between photography and emerging digital media, such as photo-realistic video games.

I recently completed by postgraduate degree in the histories of photography. Combining my expertise in photographic histories and theories with my practical and technological know-how in analogue and digital photography, I aim to work as a freelance photographer and visual artist and as a freelance scholar and critic in photography and visual culture. 

Exploring the Extraordinary in the Ordinary since 2010

All Images Copyright of Rebecca Sandelin 2019, unless stated otherwise


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